My Most Favorite WordPress Plugin EVER!

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How did I ever live without this plugin?

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A big THANK YOU to Michelle MacPhearson and Justin Brooks for giving me the “heads up” about Infinite WordPress on their totally entertaining and informative “Marketing Con Queso” podcast.

If you only have one WordPress blog, this plugin might not be for you, but if, like me, you have multiple blogs than you are going to love Infinite WordPress.

What it does:

  1. Allows you to backup all your blogs with a click of a button
  2. Allows you to update your themes and plugins on all your blogs at the same time
  3. Gives you the ability to add plugins and themes to as many blogs as you choose
  4. Sends you an email when new updates are available
  5. Update your WordPress version on all blogs at once.
  6. Activate and/or deactivate plugins and themes on multiple blogs
  7. Does all the above from one single log-in.

How I use it:

  1. Of Course, I use the one-click updates. (It saves me hours of torture trying to update all my sites every time a plugin developer decides to add a new “feature”)
  2. Having suffered the fate of being “hacked” in the past, I love the quick backups.
  3. I like updating to the latest WP Version… Yes, I know there is a risk but I love to live dangerously.. LOL
  4. And… (drum roll) .. my favorite use of Infinite WordPress is…


I can delete all those old themes and plugins from all my blogs with just a few clicks….

If your blogs are clogged with deactivated stuff that is no longer relevant to your goals .. you should absolutely delete the fluff.

Infinite WordPress is a FREE plugin but does have a pretty awesome pro version and a number of useful addons.

Go check it out at:  It’s the best thing since J.J. Abrams :-)

photo by: Heavybm

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  1. Soren says:

    Great tip! I did not know this plug in, but I can see this will help me keep an eye on my costumers WP.

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