Easy Way To Add A Google+ Button To WordPress

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Do you need a quick and easy way to add social media buttons to your WordPress blog?

Insert A Google+ Button into Your BlogAs Google moves further and further away from traditional SEO methods and closer to Social Proof type of SEO, having social media buttons on your site is fast becoming a “must-do”.

However, finding a way to get all these different buttons onto your blog without having one giant jumbled mess was becoming quite the challenge.

Thanks to this handy dandy little wordpress plug-in, TF Social Share, I can now get all my buttons neatly packed into to one toolbar.

The plugin allows you to place the toolbar at the top, bottom or to the left of your post.


I’ve added the toolbar to the top of my post on the homepage. It shows up right under the title of the post

I love the left-hand sidebar for the individual post pages.  Makes for clean and uncluttered copy.


The toolbar is available on the left of individual post or pages… not on the homepage.  You’ll need to change to the box on the settings screen to get the left-hand toolbar.



Dashboard TF Social Share Plugin

UPDATE: Although the left hand side bar looks really cool on my big screen, I discovered it doesn’t look so cool on smaller screens. Therefore, I have switched to the above post placement.


  1. Isha says:

    Now that is cool Karen. I read somewhere authoritative that it’s best to only add a FB Like button to the home page. I think something to do with people clicking like on a blog post and then Big G ignores any later Likes on a site. But it’s certainly neat appearing down the side. I’ve not read anything like that so far about +1 though.

    • Karen says:

      Check out the little Google+ in the header.
      I’m testing to see if people will click it, what it will do and
      to get clicks for the total page not just the homepage.

      Next I’ll be testing the Facebook like button in the same space.

  2. Anne Reese says:

    This is a smart move, “+1-ing ” the entire site and not just an article or a page.

  3. Brad West says:

    Now that is pretty awesome!
    I was searching for a Google+ plugin for wordpress and found you are #1 in the searches. Of corse I am logged into Google, put that is Ok. you must know something about that what they call SEO stuff.

    Awesome site
    Thanks for the info

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