Awesome Google Adsense Plugin Dashboard Killer Fix

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Awesome Google Adsense Plugin Dashboard Killer Fix

awesome google adsenseI admit it… I’m a WordPress Plugin junkie.

Most of the time my habit is thrilling.

I learn new ways to add content, backlinks, ads and all kinds of cool stuff…

Plugins are just plain fun.


They turn on you and start to gobble up your wordpress site faster then an Apple fanboy (can you say “Ed Dale”) can say Iphone 5.

After getting a stern email from my partner about server crashes and my plugin habits, I had the pleasure of cleaning up the mess made by one of my favorite plugins.  The all powerful “Awesome Google Adsense” had somehow stolen my Dashboard.

So, if the same thing has happened to you, here’s my fix.

The problem:  You go to your only to discover either an error message or it will just revert back to your homepage or show a blank page.  Bummer!

The fix:

  1. Go to your server CPanel
  2. Click on “File Manager”
  3. Click radio button next to “Document Root for”
  4. Choose your domain from drop-down menu
  5. Double-click on “wp-content” folder
  6. Double-click on “plugins”
  7. Find the “awesome-google-adsense” file
  8. Delete by pressing the X in the menu bar

Now go back and try to log-in to your wp-admin dashboard again.

Once you get in… change your password and run whatever cool security plugin you have activated.

I’m still not sure what made the “awesome” plugin go hay-wire, but at least I can access my sites again.

Let me know if you have any more info or better ways of dealing with this killer plugin.


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  1. Good stuff. I had a plugin problem some weeks back myself, but instead of the route you took I went through my FTP program, looked for the offending plugin (I had to think which one was the last that had been updated) and deleted it that way.

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